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Between things picking up at work and my needing to catch up with sleep after the trivia contest, I’ve been a little behind in updating. I’m hoping to put something up soon chronicling my first open mic experience as well as this year’s trivia contest, but I’m a little overwhelmed with things right now (it doesn’t help that my computer is also kind of on the fritz). I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m spending so much time doing things that I don’t have enough time to talk about why I haven’t done them in the past, but it doesn’t make for a particularly exciting blog.

One of the things currently dividing my attention is the anticipation of the launch of a new blog: retcon-punch.comPatrick Ehlers and I have been writing up our favorite (and not-so-favorite) comics across our respective blogs for the past few months, and have finally decided to make things official with a blog devoted to those write-ups. We’re expanding the scope for this new blog, bringing in new talent (fellow nerds Shelby Peterson and Peter Kilkuskie), and hoping to cover comics-related news, but more importantly, we’re separating our comics write-ups from our otherwise unrelated-to-comics personal blogs. I’m not yet sure how my new writing and editing responsibilities there will affect this blog, but the schedule will certainly need to be adjusted in light of those comic reviews no longer appearing here.

At any rate, Patrick and I (and Shelby and Peter) are very excited about this new site, and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments there. We’re envisioning this as a kind of outsider’s forum for DC fans, and I’m looking forward to all the weird places that could take us. We’ve written nearly 30 write-ups, and those will continue to be a big portion of the new site, but the opportunity to muse more broadly about the characters and the business of DC is what has me the most excited. Even if you aren’t following a monthly title, I’d recommend checking in with that site periodically as we’ll cover everything from DC movie news to crash-courses in character histories to abstract discussions about censorship. I’ll make a point of alerting people when something with a bit more crossover appeal is posted, but it’ll still be worth checking out on the regular.

I’ll get some new content up here this weekend, but in the meantime, check out our new Swamp Thing 6 write-up.